2016 McLaren 570S Coupe

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2016 McLaren 570S Coupe

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2016 McLaren 570S Coupe

They introduce unique colours and materials which are not offered through the other optional specifications, with up to three co-ordinated colours per design. First shown on the 675LT at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the ‘By McLaren’ designer interiors demonstrate the full breadth of interior customisation possibilities.

We use cookies to make your experience of our website better. Frontal vision is excellent thanks to noticeably inboard A-pillars and an impressively wide windscreen, though over-shoulder vision is trickier due to the car’s ‘flying buttresses’. The Sports Series instrument cluster also incorporates turn-by-turn navigation instruction for the first time. As with all models in the McLaren range, the touchscreen is mounted in portrait mode not landscape. Sitting just behind our heads, the twin-turbocharged 3

2016 McLaren 570S Coupe

Under-steer on entry, over-steer on exit, maybe just how it was being driving. Will be interesting to see if they can continue to have high quality standards with the F1 team eating up a massive budget. Didnt look to have the handling I was expecting, maybe it was under tyred. Also, is it just me or did it look like a bit of a handful to drive.

2016 McLaren 570S Coupe

Aluminium is utilised for the majority of body panels on the 570S Coupé. Through a process called ‘Superform’ – where hot aluminium is blown into shape over a mould – the lightweight material can be formed into detailed design features, such as the intricate rear deck. Through this method, this component weighs the same as a composite equivalent.

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